Paris, September 10th, 2020 – Prima Solutions, the leading French insurtech group for insurance and reinsurance professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, has announced that AGPM has selected Prima XL as its cloud-based reinsurance management platform. The insurer is placing its confidence in Prima XL to optimize its reinsurance operations

The deployment of the Prima XL cloud platform is part of the group’s strategic initiative to streamline its information systems.

After acquiring Prima P&C in 2004, Prima Analytics in 2007, and Prima Compliance in 2012, AGPM is reaffirming its commitment to Prima Solutions with the acquisition of a new tool, Prima XL, with the aim of standardizing its insurance/reinsurance tools and improving its performance in reinsurance calculations.

“We chose Prima XL because we were impressed by the reliability of their cloud platform and the range of functionality offered,” says Philippe Auffray, Chief Financial Officer of AGPM.

“AGPM is one of our long-time customers. We have worked with their teams for more than 15 years in claims management, data mining, data analysis, and regulatory reporting. We are excited about their renewed trust in us and look forward to using our 20 years of experience to optimize their reinsurance operations,” says Julien Victor, CEO of Prima Solutions. “With the merger of Effisoft and Prima Solutions in late 2018, our group became the insurance sector’s premier software company with unparalleled software and features, as evidenced by the wide range of Prima Solutions used by AGPM today.”